Brian,First off, thanks for this great website and the great effort. One question about the CCIR R&S. Is grading effected by executing show or debug commands? Many cases I configure elements and I'm pretty sure that it will work, and omit the verification stage. In other words, does the proctor/script look at monitoring commands I executed, and if not, he marks me down because of simply not monitoring even though the configuration is fully functional?Kind regards,M. Khonji The proctors don't... Read More
UPDATE: For more information on Redistribution see the video series Understanding Route Redistribution – Excerpts from CCIE R&S ATC Read More
When you work with a remote rack by using an access-server (e.g. 25xx) with the async lines connected to the console ports of the pod's routers, you effectively have only one terminal window opened. Using ctrl-Shift-6-x you can quickly switch between terminal lines; however, if you need to monitor "debug" command output on one terminal line, while performing some activity on the other you may face some difficulties. Read More
Brian, Read More
Hi Brian, Read More
Brian, I have a question regarding the R&S Lab exam. Can I telnet to the back bone routers to test routing? For our rack rentals we allow access to the backbone routers but in the real CCIE lab you will not have access to them. You will have to understand how to verify your solutions without access to the backbone routers. Read More

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