And we're back for an exciting conclusion to the CCIE Troubleshooting series. Just what fate is in store for our heroes? Well, if we're anything like the Friday the 13th movies, you may need to wait about 20+ years to find out! :) You're probably asking yourself, "With the amount of stuff we've gone through already, you're really telling me there's more to be concerned about?" Yup, that's exactly what I'm talking about. So what next then? How about little unexpected zingers that may just... Read More
Thanks for tuning in again! We're back for more of the excitement known as Troubleshooting! Today we're going to look at little more at some of the more nefarious (my word for the day) things that may come your way. How simple little commands can certainly change the way your lab is going! In case you haven't noticed by now, the CCIE lab is a largely psychological event. Technical knowledge is a very good thing, but if you can't handle the pressure then it doesn't help much! I still remember my... Read More
There are two types of troubleshooting that you'll run into on the CCIE lab: 1. The "Proctor is Evil" Troubleshooting 2. The "Self-Induced" Troubleshooting The latter type is by far the more time-consuming but also the most important. Basically you messed something up, therefore you have to fix it! (At least if you want the points) The reason it is the most time-consuming is because it could be ANY silly mistake or combination of silly mistakes along the way, and there is no predicting what... Read More

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