Petr Lapukhov is an incredible inspiration to so many of us in the Cisco Certification space. But sometimes, when you are speaking with an individual that has never tasted failure, you begin to wonder what advice or life lessons they can provide to us "mere mortals" pursuing such lofty goals. Read More
I would like to thank all of our blog readers that are constantly asking me for more Top Ten lists. I hope you enjoy the latest installment and have a safe, happy, and prosperous 2009. Read More
10. Attempt to download pornography. 9. E-mail Brian Dennis from your iPhone. 8. Urinate in your chair. (Errr, according to the proctors - THIS HAPPENED!) 7. At the lunch break, speak of your recent successful investment in Nortel. 6. Doodle on your lab papers. 5. Two words - format c: 4. Feint. (Yeah, this happened too!) 3. Play paper football with the candidate in the next cube. 2. Begin a proctor question with "I hate to bother you, you evil bastard, but..." And the Number 1 Thing Not to Do... Read More
Number 10 - Five words - "Shot of tequila, beer back." Read More
Number 10 - Visitor parking at Cisco features a spot with your name on it. Read More

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