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Many people studying for CCIE are looking for a solution to better memorize and retain the new information. The biggest enemy of good memory is the fact that speed of forgetting is directly proportional to the amount of information learned. One can actually start off this and write a simple ordinary differential equation that models the forgetting process: dY(t)/dt = V – aY(t) where Y(t) is the amount of information memorized at moment t and V is the speed of the new information being... Read More
In addition to releasing the new core knowledge simulation product, we've posted an update to IEWB-VO VOL1 (voice technology-focused labs). The updated content features screenshots for *all* GUI-related solutions (CCM, Unity, IPCCX etc). Due to this, the size of the workbook has grown considerably. And because of that, all customers now have the option to either download the workbook material as one large file, or by parts. Read More
New Class-on-Demand sessions have been posted to the Open Lecture Series Class-on-Demand as well as the Lab Meet-Up Class-on-Demand.  Updates to OSPF and Security for IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5 will be posted next week, along with some additional tasks on redistribution under the IP Routing section.  Stay tuned to the blog as announcements will be posted here as the sections are added.  Have a great weekend everybody! Read More
IEWB-RS Volume 2 Version 5 Lab 2 is now available for download on the members site.  The solutions will be posted tomorrow morning.  I hope to see you all at the lab meetup tomorrow to discuss the scenario. Read More
This Friday the CCIE R&S Lab Meet-Up series kicks off with the new CCIE R&S Lab Workbook Volume 2 Version 5 Lab 1.  The new lab will be posted on the members site on Thursday, and the lab meet-up starts at 9am Pacific time.  The session should lab about 4 hours, depending on how many questions people have.  Essentially I will be configuring and explaining the lab live on the command line, and going through the logic of the solutions in detail. Read More
Nothing is perfect in this world, and things like typos and missed solutions do happen in the workbooks. However, we're constantly working to improve the quality of our products. If you think you found an issue with a workbook and want to report it, then go to: Read More
More sections have been posted to the IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5 section for QoS.  The following topics are now available. Read More
More updates have been posted to the QoS section of IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5.0.  The following sections are now available for download: Read More
More updates to the IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5.0 QoS section have been posted. The following sections are now available in addition to those previously posted: Read More

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