This week was an incredibly exciting one for the entire INE team. Not only did we successfully host our first ever redefINE keynote event, but we made some major announcements that are helping us break down the barriers to education. Read More
Stimulus checks are landing in bank accounts of more than 160 million Americans this week. Most people will receive at least $1,400, and a family of four could get up to $5,000. Have you thought about how you will spend yours? Will you use it to pay off bills or buy new furniture? Perhaps invest in your home? At INE, we’d like to suggest you consider spending just a small portion of stimulus money investing in yourself, and enjoy a lifetime return on your investment. As little as $50 can be... Read More
Part 1: Finding the Answers On Your Own INE’s on-demand Data Science courses are far easier on your budget than those of a conventional coding bootcamp, let alone an accredited computer science degree. Like other technical career preparation courses, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice. There’s no other way to become a professional.  Read More

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