Most employees connect their personal cell phone to company networks. Here's what businesses need to know about mobile application security. Author: Esraa Alshammari Read More
Do you wish you could work on your CCIE certification training anywhere? Literally, anywhere? A waiting room, the gym, your weird cousin's 4th wedding? Well, we've got good news for you. Read More
Have you ever been on your GradedLabs rack of equipment and wanted to test a particular feature or set of configurations, but you certainly do not want to keep these changes on the rack? Perhaps this is because you are right in the middle of solving a Volume 2 lab and you certainly cannot have that configuration impacted. Read More
For many of you geeks and nerds out there like me (I'll take a poll as to which one is better at another time), you've worked with some *NIX flavor for many years now. For others of you, you have most likely dabbled with various Linux distro's and have come to know commands as needed. One extremely powerful tool that you may or may not have come across during your years is SED or the Stream Editor (sometimes referred to as the String Editor as well). This tool can take input from stdin and... Read More
In this blog post we are going to review and compare the ways in which IOS and ASA Easy VPN servers perform ezVPN attribute authorization via RADIUS. The information on these procedure is scattered among the documentation and technology examples, so I thought it would be helpful to put the things together. To begin with, let’s establish some sort of equivalence between the IOS and ASA terminology. Even though ASA inherited most of it’s VPN configuration concepts from the VPN3000 platform it is... Read More
Hi everyone, Read More
General Logic Overview When establishing a VPN tunnel, ASA firewall matches tunnel-group names based on the following criteria list: Read More
As we well know, one of the best features of Cisco IOS is the parser’s context sensitive help and tab-completion when typing in configuration or verification commands. One of the lesser known features related to this, however, is the ability to view all officially supported commands available in the parser on a per-mode basis on the CLI via the show parser dump command. show parser dump lists all commands in exec mode, global configuration mode, route-map mode, etc. prefixed by the privilege... Read More
IOS Local AAA is one feature that is often overlooked for some reason. It allows turning your router into almost full-functional AAA server, allowing not only local authentication of remote VPN users but also local authorization for protocols like PPP (used with PPTP/PPPoE or dialup) or IKE (used with ezVPN). Best of all, you can use per-user attribute lists with PPP (alas, it does not seem to work with IKE). With per-user attribute-lists you can apply specific configuration policy with maximum... Read More
Although these two articles aren't CCIE preparation related I think they both are interesting for us Cisco nerds ;) Read More

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