Azure is a wonderful place. From virtual machines to cognitive services and beyond, it's full of great resources you can use. But when using these services, it's very easy to make mistakes or take nefarious action. It's all too simple to violate security and separation of duties, or create services that burn through cash. To help with this, Microsoft created Azure Policies. Read More
This course provides an in-depth study of Azure networking, including NSG's, monitoring, VPN's, ExpressRoute, and other networking systems and devices. Main takeaways include discovering and understanding the latest Microsoft technologies, understanding Microsoft networking recommendations, having a better understanding of network security and knowing how to troubleshoot network issues.  Read More
When people first start using Azure, they normally do something silly, like accidentally exposing a virtual machine fully to the Internet. Then they find out about Network Security Groups (NSG’s), which act as a basic firewall to block ports, but NSG’s do so much more! Read More
There are two problems that most people have with Azure, but they are also the easiest to overcome. The first issue is organization, which is due to the one-level nature of Resource Groups. The second is the accidental modification or deletion of a resource, because it is too easy to do. So how should an organization handle these? Read More
When a company migrates to Azure, the normal network diagram consists of Azure being treated as an extension of the main Datacenter and keeping all the branches and other locations connected with the Datacenter as the hub. However, is this the best method for your company? Until recently it was only possible to have a limited number of connections in Azure via the VPN Gateway, with an aggregate speed too low for more than a small number of connections. ExpressRoute still remains a great option... Read More
Maybe your company has decided to move to the Cloud and you need to know what Azure is and how to create resources, or maybe you want to learn Azure so you can add it to your resume.  Either way, this short course will explain what Azure is, the difference between PaaS and IaaS, and how to create resources in Azure. Read More

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