It is time now for us to wrap up this series on IPv6 transition techniques (in the scope of the R&S CCIE Written and Lab exam). For this final part, we turn to an existing blog post from our own resident genius, Petr Lapukhov. I edited his post to ensure we mere mortals could understand it. :-) Read More
After the huge popularity of our CCIE 3.X Expanded Blueprint here on the blog, I am going to put extra effort in the next two weeks for the new CCIE 4.X R&S Expanded Blueprint. Adding links for Core Knowledge (Tier 1) study should help in that section, as well as Configuration and Troubleshooting. I hope you enjoy and thanks as always for choosing INE. Read More
Join INE Instructors as they cover IPv6 Multicast Part 1 in the Advanced Technologies Class on Demand - 10-Day. This is a key new topic found in the version 4.0 CCIE R&S blueprint. Read More
For Part 1 of this series, click here. Read More
The following questions will be added to the Core Knowledge Simulation once the new version/engine is complete. Enjoy! Answers will be provided in the comments section. Read More
As I am sure you recall, several weeks ago, we asked for your feedback regarding our Core Knowledge Simulation, both Route/Switch and Security. Well, since just about all of our customers possess the product and use it very often, we were FLOODED with valuable feedback. It was awesome. Read More
Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2. In this part of our blog series on OSPF area types, our Area 11 is going to undergo a major flashback! The area is going to be reintroduced to an early 1980's American stereotype called Valley Girls and their Valspeak. The area is no longer going to be Stubby, but it is going to be like. . .like Totally Stubby! Lets review how we left Area 11 and how things looked when it was just a Stub area: Read More
Welcome back to our series on OSPF areas. Click here for Part 1 of the series. It is time to focus on normal areas and stub areas in this post. Recall our topology: Read More
Thanks to one of our brilliant CCIE R/S Written students, Nish, for his request of this series of INE blog posts. Nish is still struggling a bit with the different OSPF area types and how exactly they impact Link State Advertisements (LSAs). In this series, we will tackle each of the different OSPF areas in great detail, confirming our Level 1 knowledge at the command line as we progress. Here is the network we will use in this first post. Notice this simple network can be constructed easily in... Read More
Hello my fellow CCIE Security students! Read More

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