Piotr Kaluzny (CCIE #25665 ) offers two new courses, covering both Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies. These in-depth looks at crucial Routing & Switching technologies are exactly what you need to ace that CCNP Routing & Switching exam. Read More
Catalyst switch port security is so often recommended. This is because of a couple of important points: There are many attacks that are simple to carry out at Layer 2 There tends to be a gross lack of security at Layer 2 Port Security can guard against so many different types of attacks such as MAC flooding, MAC spoofing, and rouge DHCP and APs, just to name a few I find when it comes to port security, however, many students cannot seem to remember two main points: What in the world is Sticky... Read More
Let's say you get a bunch of inexpensive (but a bit outdated) routers (36XX or 72Xx) and some really nice (maybe not so cheap) Cisco switches (e.g. 3550/3560) and you would like to provide a VPLS-like service to your customers. Since VPLS is a service available only on more powerful Cisco platforms, we have to figure a way to simulate Multipoint Ethernet L2 VPN over a packet switching network (PSN) using only "convenient" point-to-point L2 VPN services. Read More
Below are a couple example configurations for PPPoE. Note that you can run into MTU issues when trying to use OSPF over PPPoE. This can easily be resolved by using the "ip ospf mtu-ignore" command as the dialer interface's MTU is 1492 while the virtual-template's (virtual-access) MTU is 1500. Read More

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