Thank you for celebrating our new Data Science Pass with us last week during INE's Data Science Week. Hopefully we’ve provided a better understanding of the content you can expect from our data science library. Read More
Data Science expert and Biotech consultant Adriana Patterson presents Manipulating Sequence Files with Jupyter and Biopython, a free webinar, part of INE's Data Science Week. You can watch and learn right now. Adriana gives an interactive introduction to Biopython as a tool for efficiently working with sequences and their related metadata. It's all done in jupyter notebooks, which is an excellent environment for keeping track of all your code, calculations, and visualizations. Read More
INE expert instructor Santiago Basulto presents Machine Learning for Business Applications, a free webinar part of INE's Data Science Week. You can watch and learn right now. Read More
"We will solve it with Machine Learning!" You may have heard this phrase recently, maybe at a team meeting or in a chat on Slack. But what does that actually mean and how feasible is it to "solve" anything with Machine Learning? Read More
Technology has been on the move ever since the invention of the wheel. As it continues to gain momentum, a pessimist may scream that we’re on an uncontrollable slide downward. But an optimist may say we’re gathering speed for takeoff. Whether you believe disaster is imminent or incredible opportunities await, you still have a role to play in this evolving landscape. Are you prepared? Read More
Machine Learning is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when machines learn things. Seriously. I’m not being trite, I’m being honest. That’s the best definition of what Machine Learning is.  Read More
   Machine Learning has become somewhat of a buzzword in the past many years. Everyone wants to use it; however, in order to produce the best models one has to know how to clean and prepare data for a model and one needs to have the right tools at their disposal. Today Spark is the leading product for data preparation and is an industry leader in model building. This course will teach you some of the theory behind data prep techniques, as well as how model building works. We will use... Read More

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