“Innovate or die” - a quote that applied to me 5 years ago.  Read More
A challenge you'll face as a Cloud Architect is that your clients will rate the quality of your work by how quickly you can secure scale resources in the cloud. Read More
In this blogpost, we will discuss what FedRAMP is, why it was formed, and why you would want to prove compliance. We'll also go over Azure blueprints and policy and how to implement FedRAMP on Azure. Read More
We've already reviewed 7 of the 13 security controls we're working through, as we discuss how to effectively use them within Microsoft Azure. We'll review the remaining 6 in this blog post. Read More
As architects, it's our responsibility to help customers understand how to protect their data and environmental infrastructure after their service has been provisioned. This includes applications, data content, virtual machines, access credentials, and compliance issue requirements. Read More
The primary goal of security is to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In this blog post, we'll define what the CIA Triad is and why security controls are evaluated against it. I'll also demonstrate how you can achieve confidentiality and high-availability using Microsoft Azure's public cloud infrastructure. Read More
In my previous posts, I discussed the benefits of utilizing Azure Policy, as well as Management Groups and Azure Blueprints, while giving in-depth instruction on how to best implement these tools. In this post, I will demonstrate how to navigate Resource Graph and Azure Monitor, completing the steps necessary to enforce speed and control with Microsoft Azure. Read More
In my previous post, Enforcing Speed and Control Using Azure Policy, I described Azure Policy as a control service in Azure that enables you to create, assign, and manage polices. It also keeps resources compliant with corporate standards, industry/government regulations, and service level agreements. Read More
This blog post describes how to achieve speed and control as part of cloud governance in Azure. This is Part 1 of a 5 part series. The next steps in the series will be shared in upcoming posts. Read More
Cloud Application Architecture - A Structured Approach presents a guide for designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available, plus it will help you build a basic understanding of Microsoft's Azure Services. Read More

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