It's so great that you're excited to either start or continue your journey as an Information Technology Professional. No matter where you are in the process, earning one or more Microsoft Certifications can prove to be an advantage. Microsoft Certifications are some of the best tools acquired by in-demand professionals. Read More
Instructor Melissa Hallock provides the ultimate study guide with this new course. Read More
I have learned that by using and implementing best practices, I can keep the department aligned with the overall company strategy. It also makes it easier for other managers, directors and higher level management to buy into the vision and goals for the Information Technology Department as they see how it fits easily into the overall company strategy. There are many best practices in the Information Technology field and it is up to you, as the Certified Information Professional, to use your... Read More
Have you wondered why your tablet, computer, Xbox, PS4 or streaming TV is getting disconnected from your home network? Have you met that person who claims they can fix your home network and all they do is reset everything? Why does that only work sometimes? Becoming a certified technology professional will help you understand the answers to your “why” questions. You will also learn “how.” Sometimes, the “how” answer includes resetting equipment involved in the information technology... Read More
Many people think that the network is static just like the roads they drive to work on, always physically there and never changing or improving. Like a road handles all types of vehicles, our network needs to be fast enough to handle high-speed traffic applications, such as video streaming and video conferencing, while also being robust enough to handle extra-large data files for everything from documents, to 3D printing, to CNC machine instructions. Our network needs to work with small IoT... Read More
Considering Windows Server 2016 MCSA Certification? In this helpful course, get the details about Windows Server 2016 70-741 exam, in the MCSA certification. Read More
Considering Windows Server 2016? In this helpful course, get the details about Windows Server 2016 basic functionality and features that we use as administrators on almost a daily basis. Read More

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