Our New Microsoft Azure: Infrastructure Implementations course is an essential for any budding Azure expert in the IT Field. 



With the help of expert instructor Mbong Hudson Ekwoge, you will learn how to provision and manage services in Azure, and how to implement infrastructure components such as virtual networks, virtual machines (VMs), web and mobile apps, and storage in Azure. As a student, you will also discover how to plan for and manage Azure Active Directory and configure it's integration with on-site Active Directory domains.


Get ready to explore the different methods of automating technical and business challenges with Azure in James Rudley's new course; Automation With Microsoft Azure.

In this course you will learn a range of azure features including:

  • Azure Automation
  • Functions
  • Logic Apps
  • ARM Templates
  • Update Management
  • Azure PowerShell

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Maybe your company has decided to move to the Cloud and you need to know what Azure is and how to create resources, or maybe you want to learn Azure so you can add it to your resume.  Either way, this short course will explain what Azure is, the difference between PaaS and IaaS, and how to create resources in Azure.


Why You Should Watch

This simple step-by-step class will teach you the basics of Cloud services and provide a solid foundation of knowledge to build on. Given the amount of services available on Azure, it would be impossible to learn each one with just one class, so this course covers the basics of storage, networking, virtual machines, SQL databases, and web apps. Through the discussion of these 5 topics, we can effectively demonstrate how Azure works and how to set up different services in Azure.

What You'll learn

After viewing Overview of Microsoft Azure, you will have a basic understanding of Azure and its abilities, and be better prepared for the Azure exams.

About the Author

Jonathan started in the electronics field and moved into the IT field after relocating to the U.S., he has worked as an IT generalist for the past 20 years. Jonathan has earned several certifications including: CISSP, MCSA: Windows 2012 R2, MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure 2017, Microsoft Azure, and Cisco CCNA.

Currently, Jonathan works as a Windows Server and Azure Infrastructure Engineer for New Signature, a cloud-first, full-service Microsoft solution provider and Microsoft Gold Partner. He is also a Microsoft P-CSA (Cloud Solution Architect), which provides advanced notification and testing of new Azure changes. Jonathan uses his experience in Windows, security, databases, and other systems to help clients with their move to the cloud, and to help them understand the changes involved in this process.

Jonathan's past positions include working for the state of South Carolina Department of Social Services, in the Security Department, working as an IT manger for Southland Log Homes, and a Senior Windows Administrator for QualServ Corp.

Ready to Watch?

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Last week we added a new Azure course to our video library. This is the first course of it's kind and can be found on the INE streaming site and also for sale on


Why Study Azure:
Azure is Microsoft's version of web services management. Azure is a great option for DevOps professionals due to it's diversity. Azure allows you to create intelligent apps using the language of your choice, including Node.js, Java and .NET, and works for both PC and Mac users. With 100+ services and tools to manage apps, Azure Design has become a favorite among many large companies and should be considered an essential study topic for DevOps professionals.

About the course:
Length- 1 hour 23 minutes
Instructor- Gary Bushey

In this Series we will take a look at what Azure is, including what IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS mean. We will thoroughly discuss Azure PaaS and some of the specific technologies used with PaaS, namely containers and artificial intelligence.

In the second section, we will discuss how to move your applications to Azure. The first video will provide an introduction to the Architectural decisions to make when moving your application, including which style (like N-tier, Microservices, or Web – queue – worker) and which data store (like a relational database, document database, or object store) to use. The second video will discuss design principals to keep in mind when moving your application. This includes items like Availability, Resilience, and Monitoring. The series will end with a discussion of the various cloud design patterns that can be used to realize the design principles. These include items like the Ambassador, Circuit breaker, and Sharding patterns.

About the Instructor:

Gary Bushey is a certified Azure Architect that has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies and the US Department of Defense. When not working with computers he is traveling around the US in his RV with his girlfriend and their two dogs. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping and grilling, as well as building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

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