This blog post describes how to achieve speed and control as part of cloud governance in Azure. This is Part 1 of a 5 part series. The next steps in the series will be shared in upcoming posts. Read More
There are a few different times in the year when we naturally feel inspired to better ourselves. It’s easy to find motivation during the holidays, or when going back to school, or as the spring cleaning bug hits. They’re all fresh starts, new achievements unlocked to advance you to the next level. It feels great! Then Day 2 comes around, followed by Day 3, then eventually Day 7, and suddenly it’s been a month and, well, you’ll get around to that goal at a better time. Whenever that is. Read More
INE is thrilled to welcome our newest, full-time instructor, Tracy Wallace. Read More
Cloud Application Architecture - A Structured Approach presents a guide for designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available, plus it will help you build a basic understanding of Microsoft's Azure Services. Read More
This course provides an in-depth study of Azure networking, including NSG's, monitoring, VPN's, ExpressRoute, and other networking systems and devices. Main takeaways include discovering and understanding the latest Microsoft technologies, understanding Microsoft networking recommendations, having a better understanding of network security and knowing how to troubleshoot network issues.  Read More
There are two problems that most people have with Azure, but they are also the easiest to overcome. The first issue is organization, which is due to the one-level nature of Resource Groups. The second is the accidental modification or deletion of a resource, because it is too easy to do. So how should an organization handle these? Read More
Shane White's Microsoft Azure - Data Storage course covers the different options Azure provides for data storage in a variety of use cases. Among topics covered will be Azure's many alternatives for SQL databases and the various ways of hosting these databases. You will also learn what Azure has to offer for document databases and other key value data storage platforms. Upon completing Shane's course you will have a better understanding of all options available to store your data in Azure. Want... Read More
When a company migrates to Azure, the normal network diagram consists of Azure being treated as an extension of the main Datacenter and keeping all the branches and other locations connected with the Datacenter as the hub. However, is this the best method for your company? Until recently it was only possible to have a limited number of connections in Azure via the VPN Gateway, with an aggregate speed too low for more than a small number of connections. ExpressRoute still remains a great option... Read More
Our New Microsoft Azure: Infrastructure Implementations course is an essential for any budding Azure expert in the IT Field.  Read More
Get ready to explore the different methods of automating technical and business challenges with Azure in James Rudley's new course; Automation With Microsoft Azure. Read More

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