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Just a small status checkin for the progress of the IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5.0 labs. The rest of the sections are progressing as scheduled, and other topics will be posted in the next few days starting with OSPF. You can view an Alpha OSPF Sample and see why the progress is slow but sure ;)  Also we've been getting a number of topic requests for different sections.  Please feel free to submit requests for topics you would like to see covered in more detail.  This series is essentially the culmination of all master outlines we have developed over the years, so if you think that something has already been left out, or want to ensure that something not in the last version will be included in this one, please let me know.

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More updates have been posted tonight to the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5.0 Beta on the member’s site. Bridging & Switching, Frame Relay, IP Routing, RIP, and EIGRP are now posted. Also there is a new feature that indicates when the files were updated last, so you will always know if you have the most current version.

The files are available as regular PDFs now instead of locklizard, and include both a visible watermark at the bottom and the new “hidden” steganographic watermarking system. Please post all questions about the content to IEOC.

Stay tuned, more updates will be posted in the new few days!


IEWB-RS Volume I Version 5 Frame Relay labs are now posted on the members site. Please post all questions and comments about it here.

Happy labbing!

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