Don't miss out on four new networking courses, now part of your INE Networking Pass! Led by INE expert instructors Piotr Kaluzny, Keith Bogart and Rohit Pardasani, these courses feature over twenty hours of content, including graded quizzes to test your skills.  Read More
MPLS Troubleshooting, OAM, QoS & Segment Routing, and MPLS Traffic Engineering, led by Travis Bonfigli, both provide in-depth, foundational knowledge of key MPLS components. Read More
The Network Engineer's Guide to MPLS, taught in its entirety by INE expert instructor Travis Bonfigli, is a tour de force into the world of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), including coverage of segment routing. Read More
MPLS L2 VPN and MPLS L3 VPN are both taught by INE expert instructor Travis Bonfigli. Read More
MPLS History, Fundamentals & Foundational Concepts, led by expert instructor Travis Bonfigli, ensures that your professional MPLS career gets started on the right foot. Read More
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), led by Brian McGahan, is an in-depth look at a vital component of the new CCIE Enterprise Learning Path, and updated for the 2020 changes. Read More
Edit: For those of you that want to take a look first-hand at these packets, the Wireshark PCAP files referenced in this post can be found here One of the hottest topics in networking today is Data Center Virtualized Workload Mobility (VWM). For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, workload mobility basically means the ability to dynamically and seamlessly reassign hardware resources to virtualized machines, often between physically disparate locations, while... Read More
Update: Congrats to Mark, our winner of 100 rack rental tokens for the first correct answer, that XR2 is missing a BGP router-id.  In regular IOS, a router-id is chosen based on the highest Loopback interface.  If there is no Loopback interface the highest IP address of all up/up interfaces is chosen.  In the case of IOS XR however, the router-id will not be chosen from a physical link.  It will only be chosen from the highest Loopback interface, or from the manual router-id command.  Per the... Read More
INE's long awaited CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies Class is now available! But first, congratulations to Tedhi Achdiana who just passed the CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam! Here's what Tedhi had to say about his preparation: Finally i passed my CCIE Service Provider Lab exam in Hongkong on Oct, 17 2011. I used your CCIE Service Provider Printed Materials Bundle. This product makes me deep understand how the Service Provider technology works, so it doesn`t matter when Cisco has... Read More
One of our most anticipated products of the year - INE's CCIE Service Provider v3.0 Advanced Technologies Class - is now complete!  The videos from class are in the final stages of post production and will be available for streaming and download access later this week.  Download access can be purchased here for $299.  Streaming access is available for All Access Pass subscribers for as low as $65/month!  AAP members can additionally upgrade to the download version for $149. Read More

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