In this post, we will examine the Control Plane and for Forwarding Plane components in more detail and discuss their interaction. This post will reference the following diagram: Let us start at the top of this illustration and work our way down, reviewing these components and focusing on their interaction. First, notice the Routing Protocol is responsible for building the IP Routing Table ( or Routing Information Base RIB). This used to be our only real concern for this lab! (Ahh, the good ole'... Read More
In the last blog post, we discussed key mechanisms found in the MPLS Forwarding Plane. In this post, we are going to examine a key element of the Control Plane - LDP (Label Distribution Protocol). We remember from the previous discussions that the Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) represents the path that packets are going to take through the MPLS cloud based on a criteria like the iBGP next-hop address (in the common case of L3 MPLS VPNs). Data moves efficiently through the MPLS tunnel thanks... Read More
The MPLS Architecture is divided between the Control Plane and the Data or Forwarding Plane. In this blog post we will focus on components and processes critical to the operation of the Forwarding Plane. Read More
A key to the success of MPLS and the L3 MPLS VPN is the use of "tunnels" created by the MPLS labeling. Tunnelling in the service provider cloud has many benefits: Only edge points (ingress and egress) need to understand the meaning of the inner network information (prefixes); core routers simply switch traffic based on labels You can easily re-direct tunnel traffic explicitely Tunnels can be created within tunnels The tunnel is less prone to data spoofing The overhead with MPLS is relatively... Read More
I have enjoyed quite a few book recommendations from Brian Dennis and Brian McGahan over the years. That is why I became very intrigued during a recent Open Lecture Series installment when I heard Brian McGahan state that he read an MPLS book cover to cover and it was “mind blowing”. That text - MPLS-Enabled Applications: Emerging Developments and New Technologies. I am going to use this excellent text as the foundation for a series of blog posts that I consider to be most important for CCIE... Read More

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