There are some fundamental processes in network security that you should be aware of as you begin your journey to a Cisco Certified Technician. Some of these processes are obvious, while others are not so obvious. This blog post intends to make each one very simple to understand. Read More
I. Security Fundamentals a. Why Needed? i. A closed network allows no connection to a public network; although security is still an issue due to a majority of attacks coming from inside networks today Read More
Here is a portion of some notes that I came across for IPS - instead of wasting away on my hard drive, I figured I would post in case some of you might enjoy. I will post more sections if I receive no hate mail :-) I. IPS Overview a. Detection versus Protection i. Detect can do just that - detect ii. Prevention systems can detect and prevent - risks include latency, false positives, and the risk of the device being overrun Read More
One of the things you have to really watch out for in life (and the CCENT exam) is ensuring that you are not sending CDP information to devices that you do not trust. The last thing you want to do is advertise to potential hackers of your network exactly what Cisco devices you are running and what Layer 3 addressing they possess. Read More

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