Get the most out of your summer holiday with this free introduction to the clientless multivendor network emulation software EVE-NG.      Read More
Congratulations, you’re setting up a network! Maybe it’s your home network, a small business, or even a large company. Now that you have the job to complete what do you do? Hopefully you have already been studying, or already passed a certification test such as the MCSA or Network +. If you have not, now is a great time to learn the best practices. Read More
NFP: Control Plane is the third of 8 modules in this CCNA Security certification curriculum. Network Foundation Protection is a security framework that provides with strategies to protect three functional areas of a device: Management Plane, Control Plane, and Data Plane. In this course we will focus on the Control Plane functionality and we will look at topics such as MAC address table, CAM table overflow, VTP, CDP, routing protocol authentication (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), BGP TTL-Security,... Read More
Many people think that the network is static just like the roads they drive to work on, always physically there and never changing or improving. Like a road handles all types of vehicles, our network needs to be fast enough to handle high-speed traffic applications, such as video streaming and video conferencing, while also being robust enough to handle extra-large data files for everything from documents, to 3D printing, to CNC machine instructions. Our network needs to work with small IoT... Read More
We've just added a new Network Automation course, Network Automation with Ansible (v2), to our video library! Read More
Course Title: The Full Stack Engineer's Guide to Network Programmability with Python Course Duration: 30 hrs 33 min   The Full Stack Engineer's Guide to Network Programmability with Python will provide learners with an inductive and comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language to include the various data types, control flow structures, functions, methods, classes, objects, reading and writing files, data storage using MySQL, and regular expressions. We will also cover on- and... Read More

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