The last year has been a point of pivoting and change for many companies, including us. We’ve been listening to and addressing the feedback so many of you have shared the past few months. With that, we are excited to offer a completely new pricing structure, which includes access to all our training verticals at a lower price point as well as a new monthly subscription option. We believe this update will make our training more accessible for all budgets, allowing us to continue providing... Read More
Have you ever found yourself right in the middle of a course and thought "If I could take the exam right now, I would totally nail it"? Or perhaps you've worried "Am I remembering the most important information?" Good news. We're giving you the chance to find out. Read More
INE knows Voice. As the only CCIE vendor on the market employing 4 CCIE Voice Instructors, we are constantly trying to pool our collective brain-trust to find a better way to communicate what we know to you, to help you achieve your goals in passing this rigorous practical exam. We've all been mulling over for some time now the best possible way to get this information from our heads, to yours. We gave the idea a go where each of us would perform a vulcan mind-meld with the student, however... Read More

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