“Ma’am/Sir, we need to order a penetration test.” There are a lot of thoughts and emotions that arise when someone says that sentence at a company. Whether it is an initial occurrence, a scheduled event, or because of an incident or breach, the feelings and thoughts tend to be the same. Read More
Malware and Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) are multimillion dollar industries, dominated by criminal organizations that are centralized much like modern corporations, with executives, sales staff, and communications teams. Read More
All this talk of colorful teams may have taken some of you back to grade school, but this week we’ve been focusing on the teams that provide you and your business an impenetrable cyber security force. Read More
We all know our primary colors are red, blue and yellow, and we know they can come together to create secondary colors, like purple! While this may sound like an art class, red, blue and purple are in fact different cyber security approaches as well as highly skilled teams. These teams are responsible for protecting your organization’s most critical assets from unseen attackers. Read More
This is a new series of articles that will cover the complete penetration testing methodology based largely on case studies of previous hacks. These articles will cover initial reconnaissance, picking an attack vector, gaining a foothold, maintaining presence, lateral movement, and finally going after the prize. A guide to Open Source Intelligence One of the main case studies these articles will borrow from is the APT1 report published by Mandiant in 2013. Though the report focuses on a... Read More
Course Description: Our Introduction to Penetration Testing Course is for anyone who has started in the security work field and wants to learn more about penetration testing, or those who find it difficult to present findings properly into a report or presentation. Read More

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