Part 1: Finding the Answers On Your Own INE’s on-demand Data Science courses are far easier on your budget than those of a conventional coding bootcamp, let alone an accredited computer science degree. Like other technical career preparation courses, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice. There’s no other way to become a professional.  Read More
Concurrency IN PYTHON Concurrency in Python can be confusing. There are multiple modules (threading, _thread, multiprocessing, subprocess). There’s also the much hated GIL, but only for CPython (PyPy and Jython don’t have a GIL). Collections are not thread safe, except for some implementation details with CPython. This is a quick guide/tutorial on how to effectively write concurrent programs using Python. The objective of this tutorial is to provide down-to-earth recommendations on how to... Read More
Data Science is one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT industry, with the number of open positions growing especially quickly for professionals proficient in Python.  Master the skills needed to meet the needs of these in-demand positions and get vital hands-on experience with two new courses from INE instructor and Data Science expert David Mertz.  Read More
Discover key skills needed to master technologies within Data Science with INE instructor David Mertz's latest course- now a part of INE's Data Science Pass.  Read More
Establish key skills and gain a deeper understanding of programming with three new courses from INE instructors David Mertz and Adriana Patterson. These courses provide an in-depth look at Python and include hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding of concepts.  Read More
Thank you for celebrating our new Data Science Pass with us last week during INE's Data Science Week. Hopefully we’ve provided a better understanding of the content you can expect from our data science library. Read More
Data Science expert and Biotech consultant Adriana Patterson presents Manipulating Sequence Files with Jupyter and Biopython, a free webinar, part of INE's Data Science Week. You can watch and learn right now. Adriana gives an interactive introduction to Biopython as a tool for efficiently working with sequences and their related metadata. It's all done in jupyter notebooks, which is an excellent environment for keeping track of all your code, calculations, and visualizations. Read More
INE expert instructor Santiago Basulto presents Machine Learning for Business Applications, a free webinar part of INE's Data Science Week. You can watch and learn right now. Read More
Really. It's right here. An entire course. Reading Data with Python and Pandas. Completely free. Read More

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