Brian McGahan is covering all the bases with Data Center Security Features, Data Center Network Services, and Data Center Quality of Service. Read More
In INE's new course, Enhancing Network Operations with QoS, expert instructor Keith Bogart introduces students to Quality of Service (QoS). Read More
In this first of a series of blog posts regarding Catalyst QoS, we will exam the AutoQoS capabilities on the 3560 Catalyst devices. AutoQoS allows for the automation of QoS settings for the switch with an absolute minimum of configuration required from the engineer. In particular, the 3560 AutoQoS features automates the classification and congestion management configurations required in VoIP environments. You should note that the 3560 AutoQoS has much “catching up” to do when you compare this... Read More
Many people have problems understanding the meaning of Bc (committed burst) used with traffic policing. Everyone seems to know the “magic” formula (Bc=1,5sec*CIR) but have a vague understanding of the reasons behind it. Let's clear the confusion and see what Bc really affects when it comes to policing. Averaging and Smoothing Imagine you're driving a car and want to find out your speed. In order to do this, you need to count the time (T) it takes you to pass the distance (S). The speed is then... Read More

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