IT and Information Security are highly practical and hands-on fields. As a result, Penetration Testers of all levels should be familiar with the tools needed to be successful in their work. But what exactly are those tools? In part one of this two part blog series, we’ve compiled a short list of the top tools every Penetration Tester should know, and when to use them. It is important to note that a thorough penetration test is composed of six crucial phases: Engagement, Information Gathering,... Read More
INE was thrilled to have Brian Krebs join day one of our redefINE keynote event earlier this week! If you missed it live, we've included a detailed recap below. Read More
This is a new series of articles that will cover the complete penetration testing methodology based largely on case studies of previous hacks. These articles will cover initial reconnaissance, picking an attack vector, gaining a foothold, maintaining presence, lateral movement, and finally going after the prize. A guide to Open Source Intelligence One of the main case studies these articles will borrow from is the APT1 report published by Mandiant in 2013. Though the report focuses on a... Read More
Red team tactics are at the heart of cyber security with organizations around the world offering rewarding, high-salary careers to ethical hackers who understand the importance of penetration testing. No matter where you’re at in your InfoSec journey, there’s an INE cyber security learning path for you. Here’s a look at our red team training, all included with your Cyber Security subscription. Read More

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