Computer networking is evolving at lightning speed and our instructors are continuing to develop content just as fast as the industry changes. INE Networking experts Keith Bogart, Rohit Pardasani and Piotr Kaluzny have produced new material for students interested in filtering techniques, route redistribution, border gateway patrol, switching security and more. Read More
This week dive into four new professional-level Networking courses, created by Rohit Pardasani, Piotr Kaluzny and Brian McGahan. These courses feature over 15 hours of in-depth video instruction, graded quizzes and supplemental course files to help you master the technologies and become an expert.  Read More
Networking is a fundamental part of IT management, with businesses depending on their teams to master an array of technologies within the industry. This week we're giving you four new courses, developed and presented by INE's team of Networking experts, created to help strengthen your understanding of an array of important Networking topics: Read More
Don't miss out on four new networking courses, now part of your INE Networking Pass! Led by INE expert instructors Piotr Kaluzny, Keith Bogart and Rohit Pardasani, these courses feature over twenty hours of content, including graded quizzes to test your skills.  Read More
Ready to take on the SPCOR certification exam? This week we released three CCNP Service Provider courses, led by INE instructor and Networking expert Rohit Pardasani, covering topics that will be featured on the the exam, including BGP, OSPF troubleshooting and more.    Read More
This week, follow along with INE instructor Rohit Pardasani as he takes you through implementing and optimizing OSPF v2/v3 and ISIS Protocols. These networking courses cover essential skills needed to fully understand the CCNP Service Provider certification. Read More
Working towards your CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab certification? Want learn how BGP selects best path based on BGP attributes, or how configure BGP Path Attributes? If this sounds like you, you wont want to miss Rohit Pardasani's live interactive introduction to BGP Path Selection. Follow along with Rohit and learn how to configure BGP Attributes like Weight, Local Preference, AS-Path, Origin and MED to force a router or an AS to take a specific path.  Read More
Are you planning to take the CCIE Security Lab Exam? Are you interested in how DOT1X or MAB is configured?  If so you'll want to check out INE expert instructor Rohit Pardasani's recent webinar- "DOT1X and MAB".  In this webinar Rohit gives an easy to understand introduction to DOT1X/MAB Authentication where you will learn how IP Phones and PCs get authenticated to join the network, as well as how to configure ISE and troubleshoot DOT1X/MAB authentication failures.  Read More
Looking to learn something new? Check out INE's weekly live webinar series. Covering a variety of IT's most in-demand topics, these free webinars feature hands-on exercises and even provide an opportunity for attendees to ask their questions directly to the instructor. Check out our upcoming webinars and sign up today:  Read More
Networking Week has come and gone. But while the days have passed us by, the bounty of webinars, exclusive content, and free courses can all be found right here. Let’s revisit the events that made up our celebration of INE’s new Networking Pass. And be sure to get ready for Data Science week, starting on Monday! Read More

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