Try assessing your understanding of Cisco's CBWFQ by looking at the following example: class-map match-all HTTP_R6 match access-group name HTTP_R6 ! policy-map CBWFQ class HTTP_R6 bandwidth remaining percent 5 ! interface Serial 0/1 bandwidth 128 clock rate 128000 service-policy output CBWFQ and answering a question on the imaginable scenario: Two TCP flows (think of them as HTTP file transfers) are going across Serial 0/1 interface. One of the flows matches the class HTTP_R6, and another flow,... Read More
This post is a partial excerpt from the QoS section of our IEWB-RS VOL1 V5. We'll skip the discussion of how much of a legacy the Custom Queue is, and get stright to the working details. Custom queue feature is similar to WFQ in that it tries to share the bandwidth between packet flows using the max min approach: each flow class gets the guaranteed share proportional to its weight plus any class may claim the “unused” interface bandwidth. However, unlike WFQ, there are no dynamic conversations,... Read More

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