As Cisco prepares to release their completely revamped Certifications for 2020, with an increasing emphasis on Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and their components within those certs, a lot of folks have been asking; are SDNs diminishing the value of the CCIE or CCNP? Read More
Once upon a time, there were networks and network engineers, but programmers came and took over the field… actually, I am just kidding. Networks and network engineers still exist and they will never go away, however, they are definitely not going to be the same. I remember that terminologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow, and OpenDaylight started to pop up around my work environment in late 2013 and even though initially there were just these 3 terminologies, they did... Read More
Javier Guillermo's SDN: OpenDaylight course is the perfect building block for those interested in becoming an expert in SDN technologies.     OpenDaylight fundamentals is a comprehensive course that will cover the basics of SDN technology and its evolution from the traditional networking model to the architecture of the open source OpenDaylight controller. It will also cover most common use cases and lab exercises that will teach you how to set up, configure and use OpenDaylight. Read More

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