Mark, I'd just like to say thanks again for the course. It was invaluable and played a huge part in my passing. I passed on my third go, last month just after the course. Without the tips and advice you provided in the bootcamp, I have no doubt I'd still be trying.

- Kevin Lloyd, CCIE Voice #27994

Congratulations Kevin!!


I passed my Lab - # 27992!
I like to thank you for Deep Dive modules and other support you provided!

- Akash Patel, CCIE Voice #27992

Congratulations Akash!!

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I took the Voice lab on Jan 3 2011 and passed! I would like to send a BIG thank you INE for providing excellent training!

- Girish Thakkar, CCIE Voice #27851

Congratulations Girish!!

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Just wanted to throw out a quick reminder to all of you involved day-to-day with Cisco Unified Communications in some fashion. Tomorrow I will host a free vSeminar on configuring and utilizing Active Directory as a source of LDAP user synchronization and authentication with the Cisco UC architecture servers.

If you still haven't registered, you can do so right up until the webinar begins. To do so, simply click here and fill in your requested information at the bottom of the page.

In case you missed any previous vSeminars, be sure to check out the recent updates here.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Hi all, after a lot of studying and dedication i passed the Voice lab yesterday on my second attempt!!!! I want to thank a lot to Mark Snow for coaching me during the 2 week bootcamp. He made me feel very confident that I could pass, while also answering all of my questions and always providing clear explanations of all the topics. I also would like to to say that his Deep Dives videos are the best and were a fundamental part of my study and success in passing. I fully recommend the Deep Dive modules and the 2 week bootcamp. Again, thank you a lot for all Mark!!!!

Eduardo Elizondo, CCIE Voice #27511

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First of all Thanks to almighty God, Who gave me strength and courage to study and & work hard to achieve this goal in first attempt. I spent last two years preparing CCIE Routing & switching along work and that was really tough. special thanks to INE. I used self-paced training, Workbooks & Mock Labs for preparation. Every single piece is outstanding. And finally I am glad to share that I have passed CCIE Routing and switching LAB exam in first attempt :D :). Next step would be security... Wish you all the best everyone :)

Congratulations Mudasir Abbas, CCIE #27385! Share in Mudasir Abbas success with 30% off all self-paced training products, including our new training bundles (RS, VO, SC, SP)! Use discount code 27385.


Hi Guys, i just wanted to inform you that after a lot of studying , dedication and lot of practice , i have passed my R&S CCIE two days ago , it was my 1st attempt and i feel like i owe a big deal of this success to INE wonderful products , it started about one and half year ago when i took my decission to go for my number, i could remember seeing that time the CCIE numbers rolling on your site and was wondering when the day would come for me to join this list, when i started i almost read every book in INE recommended lists , and sometimes i had to go through the RFCs for guidance ,i used both advanced technologies COD and troubleshooting bootcamp COD , i did lab INE Workbook I , II ,III and IV and the V4 Moc labs which i didnt actually pass any but was so close to , and i have to say that these labs was like a bell ringing for me to take care of my common mistakes and which made me alerted when i was doing th real thing. Finally i cant express how wonderful it is to have your number after all this , iam really HAPPY.

Ahmed Sameh Ashour, CCIE#27395

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We are proud to announce three new training bundles for each of the CCIE tracks. The three bundles include: stater, practice, and Ultimate. The starter bundle is designed to help you get on the fast track for understanding the fundamental technologies covered by the CCIE Blueprint. The practice bundle provides you with training products best designed to get hands-on with practice labs, and advanced topics that you will need to pass your lab. The Ultimate training bundle provides you with a collection of training materials that are designed take you from the professional level to the expert level of your Cisco training.

We're so sure you'll love our training, we are offering the following 72 hour extended trials on the following classes on demand:

CCIE Routing & Switching - Advanced Technologies Class
Module 10 Lesson 1: First Hop Redundancy


Module 10 Lesson 2: NTP


Module 10 Lesson 3: DHCP and DNS


Module 10 Lesson 4: WCCP


CCIE Voice - Deep Dive Module 1 ($99 Value)

1.0 - Introduction and Basic Theory


1.1 - Net Infrastructure Hands-On: VLANs, NTP, DHCP


1.2 - Net Infrastructure Hands-On: DHCP, TFTP


1.3 - QoS Advanced Theory


1.4 - QoS Advanced Theory cont'd


1.5 - QoS LAN Hands-On


CCIE Voice Specific Q&A Follow-Up Discussion


CCIE Security - Advanced Technologies Class 5.0 Day 1
Day 01 - 01: ASA Overview


Day 01 - 02: ASA Routing


Day 01 - 03: ADA - ACLs/Failover


Day 01 - 04: Failover


Day 01 - 05: Contexts


CCIE Service Provider - Advanced Technologies Class

IEATC-SP Day 1 Part 1 - Class Overview


IEATC-SP Day 1 Part 2 - Layer 2 Technologies


IEATC-SP Day 1 Part 3 - PPPoE / IS-IS


IEATC-SP Day 1 Part 4 - MPLS Part 1


IEATC-SP Day 1 Part 5 - MPLS Part 2


IEATC-SP Day 1 Part 6 - MPLS Part 3


To view the product list contained in each of the following bundles, click on the bundle title:

CCIE Routing & Switching

CCIE Voice

CCIE Security

CCIE Service Provider


I would like to let you know that I passed my CCIE R&S 4.0 lab exam after applied for the re-read of my exam; I want to share my painful but lucky story:

I attempted my CCIE lab on 03-Oct-2010 in Dubai, but I failed in troubleshooting. My mind didnt accept this result because i was quite sure that i did well in troubleshooting section, so I immediately applied for re-read. At last after three painful weeks, I got an email from Cisco that your result has been changed from fail to pass. I am feeling very lucky because it happens very rarely that re-read change the result and make it ultimate for you.

I would like to give special thanks for the wonderful QoS boot camp which helped me a lot to understand the most boring topic "QoS". I would also like to thank the entire INE team for providing me such a great R&S 4.0 training..:)

Muhammad Tahir Munir, CCIE #27270

Congratulations Muhammad, CCIE #27270!!

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