As a follow up to today's Cisco announcement, removing the Core Knowledge section from both CCIE Routing & Switching and CCIE Voice exams, INE is offering all our  customers a $99 credit that can be applied to any purchase over $500. Since the Core Knowledge section of the CCIE Exam was announced, we worked hard to deliver you a simulation that would give you the confidence to pass.  We would like to thank all those who used the Core Knowledge Simulator and we were thrilled to hear how it... Read More
Fans of the wildly popular CCIE Written Bootcamp need to check out Practice Exam 2 which has been updated with some more thought-provoking Quality of Service (QoS) questions that will help with the CCIE R&S Written as well as the Lab exam. Read More
A pretty important topic that is very easy to overlook when studying multicast is the PIM Assert Mechanism.  After working with the TechEdit Team in the IEOC it is obvious that more than just a handful of students are confused about what this mechanism does and how it works. In this blog post (the first of many dedicated to multicasting), we will examine the PIM Assert mechanism and put this topic behind us in our preparation in mastering multicast. In Figure 1, R1 and R4 have a route to the... Read More
Hello, Today, I finally passed the R&S v4 exam in San Jose.    I'd like to thank the instructors at Internetwork Expert for their excellent workbooks and classes. I'd also like to thank all of the other candidates for posting their encouraging stories and technical advice. I couldn't have done it without you folks. I'd also like to thank my family, coworkers, and friends for putting up with me while I pursued this.  This was my fourth attempt and my third version 4 attempt. Here is a brief... Read More
Well I sat for my v4 R&S lab and just got the core report back. I am very sad to say I was close, but didn't make it over the bar. Here is my feedback and preparation strategy. First - I used INE workbook volume 1 through 4. Whatever you do, don't make the assumption that you should skip the volume 1 because it is too basic. I will tell you first hand, it is critical to work through volume 1. Not only will it help you adapt new methods for dealing with specific technologies, but it will also... Read More
Be sure to watch the blog over the next several days for exciting announcements about upcoming new and improved products (ATCoD, Lab Meet-ups) and just plain new products (shhhh - still secret) from INE. Read More
Hello everyone, Read More
Hello everyone. We have posted the following updated chapters of our Volume 1 self-paced workbook: Read More
One of the key facts regarding Access Control Lists (ACLs) that we drill into your head during CCNA is the fact that the lists you create end with what is called the "implicit" deny all. You do not see it, but the effect is undeniable. Any packets that do not match any of the permit statements in your list get deny treatment. In the case of our filtering access lists, this means the packets are dropped. As you recall from the course, this is why we desperately require at least one permit entry... Read More
We know that the Version 4.X CCIE R&S exam features 3 sections - Core Knowledge, Troubleshooting, and Configuration. I notice that many students are forgetting where Cisco might choose to test your Catalyst switch troubleshooting skills and exactly how they might do that... Read More

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