Normally we don't post many individual congratulations to new CCIEs, not at all because we don't wish to recognize them, rather simply because the shear number of passers would overwhelm our blog. In fact we do recognize ever single CCIE passer with a very nice custom polo shirt with their name, number and CCIE logo on it. However, today we felt it important to recognize the first CCIE Data Center having passed using our materials. He talks quite openly about the preparation and his experience taking the lab in Brussels, here on his blog. In passing, Iwan mentions on his blog that he used our CCIE Data Center - Video Courses and our CCIE Data Center - Workbook, along with the myriad of reading material required to pass the exam. Iwan is no stranger to the CCIE exam, this being his 5th CCIE, along with Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider and Voice, so for him to say this exam was difficult and that he was working up to the last moment is actually saying quite a lot.

Congratulations Iwan!

Also to note, we recently put on our schedule our brand new CCIE Data Center 10-Day Bootcamps with 2 locations in both Los Angeles and Seattle.


I bought INE's self study bundle in mid 2010 to prepare for CCIE R&S
lab. Since then I've been continuously using their workbooks 1-4, the
vast collection of video lectures, multiple mock labs, rack rentals
and also listened to their audio lectures while driving to-and-from
work. I also read a lot of blogs for more in-depth explaination on
various topics written by the instructors on the INE website. All of
their materials are very nice, thorough and comes with precise
explaination. I was really impressed by the amount of hard work the
instructors had put in preparing these products. And last but not the
least their sales & support teams are very nice and prompt in
responding. Thank you to the whole team for all the help. I highly
recommend INE's CCIE R&S products to all CCIE candidates.

Sapan Shroff
CCIE# 30910

Our sincere congratulations go out to Sapan on his excellent achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our CCIE Routing and Switching products today?


In January of 2009 I passed my Routing and Switching lab exam the
first time using INE materials - but my journey was not over. Having
moved into a new role where network security was my primary
responsibility, I decided to set my sights earning the Security CCIE
as well.

Saying I was in over my head when I started that quest would be an
understatement. I started ordering training material and studying
hard. Having experienced success with INE previously I ordered the
written exam prep material and went through it all. Once I was
confident in my academic knowledge I took the written portion of the
exam - Success!

Then came the lab. Having taken it once before I knew that academic
preparation was not enough for the 8 hour ordeal. I found a terrific
deal on INE.com and signed up for an in-person bootcamp and Workbook
bundle and started booking rack rental space for the Volume 1
workbook immediately. After completing the exercises in the Volume 1
workbook it was off to the bootcamp where Petr Lapukhov was able to
help me identify and work through my weak spots. My next challenge
was to work through Volume 2 of the CCIE Security lab workbook, which
was a lot easier with a full week of classes under my belt.

I walked in to the lab exam confidently and can honestly say that the
INE material left me well prepared. There was nothing in the lab that
we had not covered in class and in the workbooks.

Today I am a dual CCIE and I could not have done it without the
material and instructors at Internetwork Expert.

Adam Black
CCIE# 23393

Our sincere congratulations go out to Adam on his excellent achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our CCIE Security products today?


On October 19, 2011 I finally passed my CCIE lab at RTP becoming CCIE
#31014. I have taken the exam twice before this, both times coming
extremely close but not quite making it. I started studying about a
year ago using mainly INE products as well as reading blogs and group
study. I went through Vol 1 to get started and then jumped right into
Vol 2 where I spent the majority of my study time. I went through Vol
2 probably close to 3 times over the year I spent studying. I would
go through each lab carefully, referencing the DocCD and Vol 1 for
any technologies I was unsure of. The one thing I neglected to spend
a lot of time on was troubleshooting. I kept telling myself "I know
the technologies so well I can figure out the troubleshooting section
when I get there"...this is the wrong answer. Yes, I knew the
technologies inside and out but the first two times I failed the exam
was due to the fact that I did not have a solid troubleshooting
strategy. For all the other candidates out there, make sure you
practice troubleshooting, have a solid strategy, read the guidelines
carefully and you will do fine. I want to thank everyone at INE,
especially Petr who taught the bootcamp I attended in Tampa this past
spring. The bootcamp, along with all the other INE products are
top-notch and I wouldn't be where I'm at without them.

Josiah Chonko
CCIE# 31014

Our sincere congratulations go out to Josiah on his excellent achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our CCIE Routing and Switching products today?


My CCIE Voice journey started in August of 2010. I passed my written
that month and began preparing for what I now know was a journey of a
lifetime. My preparations began with another vendor and the Cisco
360 program. In addition to my own study time I attended a couple
bootcamps in preparation. After approximately 6 months of intense
studying and preparation I felt I was ready for my first attempt in
March of 2011. I was sure that I was going to past the first time,
but the real exam was an eye opener. I didn't even come close to
finishing the exam and really struggled with the dial plan.

That first attempt humbled me and I really didn't know if I was cut
out to finish this. I am a father of two and a husband. While the
employer I work for was supporting me I was still working long hours
on implementations and trying to study in between. The second
attempt in July went much like the first. I purchased the all access
pass and started watching all the voice deep dives. The content and
the way Mark delivers it is excellent. Unfortunately there was not
enough time to get through everything before my second attempt. So I
did fail that second time, and again time was my enemy.

At this point I really thought about quitting. It was all just to
much. Eventually I decided I had put way to much time and effort in
this to give up. So I sat through and watched all the deep dives,
and the 5 day voice bootcamp that Mark Snow recorded. I believe that
recorded bootcamp was the final tool that allowed me to pass my exam
on Oct. 4th and become CCIE#30704. Mark's delivery in that bootcamp
along with the strategy tips he provided allowed me to finish the lab
in 6 hours and have time to test and troubleshoot any issues. For
anyone out there wondering which vendor they should go with for their
CCIE voice preparations INE is the best!!! Special thanks to Mark
Snow, my family, friends, and employer for all their support.

Westley Watkins

Our sincere congratulations go out to Wes on his excellent achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our 1-year CCNA to CCIE Voice plan today?


Hi Guys,

I finally got my CCIE Voice. I took it yesterday 10/17/2011 and just
checked the status.

It always took me more attempts to get my CCIE. There is nobody
around can study together wih me for all my CCIEs. When I worked on
my first CCIE (R&S) in 2001, I don't know a lot about Cisco devices
yet. I don't have any other cisco certificate. I just bought books
and bought some Cisco 25xx routers (there was no dynamips yet) to
study. When I failed my first two attempts, I was very frustraed
because I don't know what is the correct answer. Things had been
changed since I found Internetwork Experts (INE). I think they
provide the best product in the world if you want to become a real
CCIE (not a paper one). I tried some other materials, but the
problem is the answers are not so clear as INE's. Their step-by-step
solution guide let you know what you are doing.

Anyway, I failed so many times because self-study for CCIE is really
hard. But I will say that I wll never pass all my CCIEs without INE.

Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan, Petr Lapukhov and Mark Snow are so
knowledgable to help people like me to get their CCIEs. Thank you
all. Your Voice Deep-Dive and ATC are so great. Without them, I can never pass my lab.

Next, I will go after CCIE SP, I already purchased their CCIE SP's
materials, I am waiting for their version 3.0 update. I believe te
quality of the update is worth to wait.

Good luck to everyone.


Peng Zheng
CCIE#13584 (R&S, Voice)

Our sincere congratulations go out to Peng on his second great achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our 1-year CCNA to CCIE Voice plan today?


Honestly, it's hard to believe that over 3,000 people have reported to us that they have passed their CCIE lab using our materials - but that day has arrived, and we've actually already surpassed it. On average, 2-3 people inform us they have passed the lab every day, using our materials. Far too many to post every story to our blog, though we do try to pick random ones and add them here time and again.

We're humbled and honored that they have chosen to use our materials to pass their CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Voice, CCIE Service Provider, and CCIE Security labs, and we very much look forward to helping many more in the coming years ahead.

By the way, we also made our way into the Inc5000 list of fastest growing companies this year. Something else that -- and I know it may sound cliché, but nonetheless true -- we in no way could have ever done without the absolute most important part of our business: You. Anyhow, all that is simply to say "Thank You". However, that alone means nothing without your success, which brings us back to the more important bit of this post: Your Success Stories!


Hi Mark,

I used INE products for Routing & Switching back in 2005, which helped me to earn my number. Now when I wished to pursue my next CCIE in Voice, I couldn't think of anyone better. I purchased the Workbooks and Rack rentals, and now I got certified in Voice also. Thanks INE and specially Mark for all the support.

Manu K.M.
CCIE#15020 (R&S, Voice)

Our sincere congratulations go out to Manu on his excellent second great achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our 1-year CCNA to CCIE Voice plan today?


INE has been a major part of my CCIE Voice preparation and success
for the past year. INE online GradedLabs are very easy to use with multiple options to control phones and best in the market.

Prashant Patel - CCIE Voice# 29789

Our sincere congratulations go out to Prashant on his amazing achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our 1-year CCNA to CCIE Voice plan today?


I've gotten my number on the date of 8 Aug 2011. I've used rental rack from INE during my exam study and preparation, as my friend recommended to me, this is an affordable and yet sufficient to get you passed yor exam.

The rack come with many features, such as allow ezvpn for connecting own phone to the rack, and most importantly allow you to remote control the physical phone using web gui. all this come with no additional charges.

I would highly recommend to person who looking to dive into ccie voice track choose product from INE as their study material and trust me it worth the price.

Last, Mark Snow is a great lecturer!!!


Regards, Guan Teck (Alex) Goh - CCIE Voice# 29855

Our sincere congratulations go out to Alex on his amazing achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our 1-year plan today?

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