UPDATE: I have received numerous submissions and currently in the process of reviewing them. I'm going to extend the deadline until Wednesday (2012-01-18). At that time all people who submitted working solutions will be awarded 100 tokens! Recently I have been working with a large enterprise customer that is looking to implement a new change control policy. The main goal of the policy is to be able to track who is making changes to devices in the network, and specifically what those changes... Read More
In the earlier article titled EEM demystified, we took an introductory look at the basic format for EEM applets, and some basic samples for general operation, including some basic CLI command usage, getting input, and displaying output. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the additional actions available, specifically looking at variables, a few operators, and some general conditional structures. Read More
A discussion / introduction to EEM, and basic configurations. Why EEM? Embedded Event Manager (EEM) allows you to have event tracking and management functionality directly on the Cisco IOS device, rather than on an external device. By having the configuration locally, actions can still be taken, even if the connection to an external monitoring station is unavailable. Plus, it is a great topic that can be used to challenge (or torment) CCIE candidates.   Read More
Even more updates have been posted to the IP Services section of the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5.0. Yes, that’s right, two in two days ;) The following topics are now available in System Management: Read More
NTP security goal is to prevent unauthorized time sources to affect time synchronization within a set of network devices. Cisco IOS offers two methods of securing NTP infrastructure: Read More
Hi Brian,I configured NTP on 2 Routers back-to-back with authentication (md5). So far everything works fine. I removed authentication on one of the Routers (no ntp authenticate) and they continue to sync. I even rebooted the router on which I had removed the authentication and they still sync. Any ideas why? A common misconception about NTP authentication is the direction in which authentication occurs, however it makes perfect sense if you ask yourself this question: what is the purpose of... Read More

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