Cybersecurity specialists often talk about the dangers users and businesses are exposed to by having an online presence. However, this vital conversation tends to ignore the origins of a cyberthreat. Instead, we typically focus on the actual operation of the threat, its technical details, and the prevention/remediation possibilities associated to it. Read More
In all my travels, I visit a heck of a lot of customers with a variety of Firepower gear and different Firepower Management Centers (FMCs). What I often find is that most of my customers have her been oversold or undersold on the processing/storage/memory for their FMC hardware. Now, in the sales person’s defense, finding the right FMC for a large network isn’t that easy. So, they look for a quick fix. If they can sell the best, most expensive 4500, which is the largest/fastest Cisco has to... Read More
Congratulations, you’re setting up a network! Maybe it’s your home network, a small business, or even a large company. Now that you have the job to complete what do you do? Hopefully you have already been studying, or already passed a certification test such as the MCSA or Network +. If you have not, now is a great time to learn the best practices. Read More
It’s Here! The time for integration of AI and cybersecurity has come and we’re all involved in one way or another. Long past are the days when artificial intelligence was at its dawn.AI is rapidly transforming the technology landscape and being progressively applied to more aspects of human industry, entertainment and our daily lives. Read More
Imagine if your productivity skyrocketed. Imagine if you resolved network issues faster. Imagine if your daily tasks were automated. All of those things come closer into reality when you implement these 11 F5 DNS tips. With over 10 years of experience with F5 DNS, I’m here to help you become more productive and empowered as an Engineer.   Read More
It’s an exciting time to be in the Network Engineering field right now! According to the eWeek 2018 ‘Hottest’ IT jobs report, Security Specialists and Network Engineers are at the top of the list for Enterprises. The network engineer positions offer both long-term growths and high average salaries due to demand. But there is a caveat. As true in any technology career, you have to stay ahead of the curve on the emerging trends and technologies. Do you remember seeing network engineer jobs... Read More
When people first start using Azure, they normally do something silly, like accidentally exposing a virtual machine fully to the Internet. Then they find out about Network Security Groups (NSG’s), which act as a basic firewall to block ports, but NSG’s do so much more! Read More
Have you ever thought about how secure your servers are “in the cloud”? Well, the good news is that servers in the cloud, or even virtualized within your own infrastructure on-premises cloud, are likely to be more secure than those on bare metal. Read More
A lot of organizations, from small companies to large enterprises, consider email one of their most important communication systems. Many people (including myself) are more apt to send an email than make a phone call or send a text. There are a few different reasons why using emails may simplify things: Outreach & ease of use. You can quickly send an email to anyone if you have the right address. Including additional information in a form of attachment is trivial. Convenience. Email messages... Read More
There are two problems that most people have with Azure, but they are also the easiest to overcome. The first issue is organization, which is due to the one-level nature of Resource Groups. The second is the accidental modification or deletion of a resource, because it is too easy to do. So how should an organization handle these? Read More

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