In my previous posts, I discussed the benefits of utilizing Azure Policy, as well as Management Groups and Azure Blueprints, while giving in-depth instruction on how to best implement these tools. In this post, I will demonstrate how to navigate Resource Graph and Azure Monitor, completing the steps necessary to enforce speed and control with Microsoft Azure. Read More
In my previous post, Enforcing Speed and Control Using Azure Policy, I described Azure Policy as a control service in Azure that enables you to create, assign, and manage polices. It also keeps resources compliant with corporate standards, industry/government regulations, and service level agreements. Read More
Security is not about Technology. Read More
This blog post describes how to achieve speed and control as part of cloud governance in Azure. This is Part 1 of a 5 part series. The next steps in the series will be shared in upcoming posts. Read More
Machine Learning is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when machines learn things. Seriously. I’m not being trite, I’m being honest. That’s the best definition of what Machine Learning is.  Read More
When preparing for any Network Certification Exam, one of the first topics that you’ll learn about are Access Control Lists (ACLs). Every document or Certification-related book I’ve ever read introduces students to ACLs from the perspective of IPv4 Access-Lists. Sometimes MAC Access-Lists are also mentioned briefly, but only to let the reader know they exist as another type of ACL. Rarely are any details given about how MAC ACLs actually work, or what their significant limitations are. Read More
Programming in Python is pretty awesome. Python is my default language of choice when I need to write some code. It gives me the freedom to create and materialize my ideas. It’s something that I would do even if I did not get paid for it. I love the language and the community around it; truth be told, I can’t imagine where my career would be if I hadn’t discovered Python many years ago. Read More
Cybersecurity specialists often talk about the dangers users and businesses are exposed to by having an online presence. However, this vital conversation tends to ignore the origins of a cyberthreat. Instead, we typically focus on the actual operation of the threat, its technical details, and the prevention/remediation possibilities associated to it. Read More
In all my travels, I visit a heck of a lot of customers with a variety of Firepower gear and different Firepower Management Centers (FMCs). What I often find is that most of my customers have her been oversold or undersold on the processing/storage/memory for their FMC hardware. Now, in the sales person’s defense, finding the right FMC for a large network isn’t that easy. So, they look for a quick fix. If they can sell the best, most expensive 4500, which is the largest/fastest Cisco has to... Read More
Congratulations, you’re setting up a network! Maybe it’s your home network, a small business, or even a large company. Now that you have the job to complete what do you do? Hopefully you have already been studying, or already passed a certification test such as the MCSA or Network +. If you have not, now is a great time to learn the best practices. Read More

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