Have you ever been on your GradedLabs rack of equipment and wanted to test a particular feature or set of configurations, but you certainly do not want to keep these changes on the rack? Perhaps this is because you are right in the middle of solving a Volume 2 lab and you certainly cannot have that configuration impacted. Read More
One of our students in the INE RS bootcamp today, asked about an OSPF sham-link. I thought it would make a beneficial addition to our blog, and here it is.  Thanks for the request Christian! Reader's Digest version: MPLS networks aren't free. If a customers is using OSPF to peer between the CE and PE routers, and also has an OSPF CE to CE neighborship, the CE's will prefer the Intra-Area CE to CE routes (sometimes called the "backdoor" route in this situation), instead of using the Inter-Area... Read More
Hello everyone. We have posted the following updated chapters of our Volume 1 self-paced workbook: Read More
Using an IPS Sensor, we can dynamically apply rate limiting/policing on a router interface, based on a signature match or an event action over-ride, which is generated on the sensor appliance.   Ok, I know there is no Sensor Appliance in the RS lab, but what if we need to trigger a rate limit of specific traffic, destined to a router, based on current conditions on that router, such as transmit or receive loads on an interface. This is a job for, da dada dahhh: Embedded Event Manager (EEM).  In... Read More
Hello all! Writing to you from the 2009 Networkers Conference in San Fran. I hope all readers around the world are well today and feeling the buzz about Cisco technologies. Read More
I have all three parts of this for everyone now in the on-demand format - enjoy! Read More
One of community members found this great subnetting practice page. Enjoy! Read More
Module 4 IP Routing - Lesson 3 OSPF Adjacencies and Troubleshooting of the CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp has been updated to include an interactive demonstration of the configuration of NBMA mode in a hub and spoke Frame Relay environment. The interactive demonstration occurs just after the discussion of the various OSPF Network Types. Remember, you can use the Class On Demand controls at the bottom of the interface to fast forward to this new content if you prefer. Read More
Some things never change. CCENT and CCNA candidates still have the roughest time in the curriculum with the topic of subnetting. Hey! No problem! We have all been there. Just remain patient, remain calm, and keep working through examples and practice problems. Do you want a quick quiz to see if your skills are up to speed? Check out this blog post: Subnetting Practice Quiz 1 Let's walkthrough a common subnetting question type in this blog entry. Here is the question, followed by how I would... Read More
The latest track to receive a Core Knowledge Section is Security. Read More

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