I would like to thank all of our blog readers that are constantly asking me for more Top Ten lists. I hope you enjoy the latest installment and have a safe, happy, and prosperous 2009. Read More
10. Attempt to download pornography. 9. E-mail Brian Dennis from your iPhone. 8. Urinate in your chair. (Errr, according to the proctors - THIS HAPPENED!) 7. At the lunch break, speak of your recent successful investment in Nortel. 6. Doodle on your lab papers. 5. Two words - format c: 4. Feint. (Yeah, this happened too!) 3. Play paper football with the candidate in the next cube. 2. Begin a proctor question with "I hate to bother you, you evil bastard, but..." And the Number 1 Thing Not to Do... Read More
Number 10 - Five words - "Shot of tequila, beer back." Read More
Number 10 - Visitor parking at Cisco features a spot with your name on it. Read More

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