I would like to thank all of our blog readers that are constantly asking me for more Top Ten lists. I hope you enjoy the latest installment and have a safe, happy, and prosperous 2009.

Here are the Top Ten CCIE Student New Year's Resolutions

10. Make the absolute most of study sessions

9. No more learning by practice labbing

8. No more pinging myself

7. No more entering in commands without full knowledge of them

6. No more falling asleep during a TCL Script reachability test

5. Become an active participant in IEOC.COM - asking more questions - no matter how basic and helping others

4. No more chain smoking during a TCL Script reachability test

3. No more nightmares about redistribution, Multicast, or QoS

2. Remembering to always laugh at my jokes during a Bootcamp

And the Number One CCIE Student New Year's Resolution:

1. No more complaining about the new DOC-CD Web interface


10. Attempt to download pornography.
9. E-mail Brian Dennis from your iPhone.
8. Urinate in your chair. (Errr, according to the proctors - THIS HAPPENED!)
7. At the lunch break, speak of your recent successful investment in Nortel.
6. Doodle on your lab papers.
5. Two words - format c:
4. Feint. (Yeah, this happened too!)
3. Play paper football with the candidate in the next cube.
2. Begin a proctor question with "I hate to bother you, you evil bastard, but..."
And the Number 1 Thing Not to Do While Taking the CCIE Lab Exam:
1. After verifying a successful 4-point configuration task, stand on your chair and scream "I am a Cisco Router God!"

Note: Thanks to a recent high school grad, Andrew, on a Southwest flight for helping with this list. I am sure you will have great success in whatever you decide to pursue!


Number 10 - Five words - "Shot of tequila, beer back."

Number 9 - Change your Native American Indian name to Thinks Like Router.

Number 8 - Start studying for your recertification - NOT!

Number 7 - Use the Request Reread link on your Certification Status
page and enter the following in the Comments section "Reread THIS you
evil bastards!"

Number 6 - Tell any CCIE candidate you do not care for that there were 18
points of DLSw+ on your final lab attempt.

Number 5 - Pay off your credit card.

Number 4 - Phone family and friends to tell them that you are actually
still alive.

Number 3 - Request that your coworkers address you as First_Name,
Last_Name, Expert.

Number 2 - Get an InternetworkExpert tattoo, interesting body locations include...errrr...never mind!

And the Number One Thing To Do After Passing the Lab:



Number 10 - Visitor parking at Cisco features a spot with your name on it.

Number 9 - Visa calls you to inquire if someone at Cisco may have stolen
your Credit Card.

Number 8 - You have earned 65,000 flight miles in the last year.

Number 7 - Your wife asks "Who the hell are you?" when you return home
from your latest attempt.

Number 6 - You can now type 90 words per minute.

Number 5 - Your boss indicates that he has a task for you and you respond
"How many points is it worth?"

Number 4 - You have recurring nightmares about redistribution.

Number 3 - Your new nickname on the InternetworkExpert forum is "That poor bastard!"

Number 2 - During sex, all you can think about is full IGP reachability.

and the Number 1 Indication You Have Sat the Lab Too Many Times:

The proctor hands you your badge and says "You are on Rack 5 - AGAIN!"

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