Continuing on in our series on CCD, today we'll look at the 3rd video (the shortest) in that series (video #55) from our current 62-hour CCNP Voice v8 bootcamp. CCD via SAF :: Overview (29m) CCD via SAF :: CUCM Inter-Cluster Call Routing (1h 32m) CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing with PSTN Failover (29m) CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing during SRST Fallback (48m) CCD via SAF :: CUCM to CME Call Routing (54m) CCD via SAF :: Inter-Cluster RSVP via SIP Preconditions (21m) Read More
So we continue our series on CCD, something that is being talked about lately - in conjunction with UCM SME (Session Management Edition - think UCM as a Gatekeeper for other UCM clusters) - and something that is bound to be covered on the next version of the CCIE Voice blueprint (something that's received a lot of chatter lately with the advent of UCM v9 beta training this week). Also, a topic that you must know understand well today if you are studying for your CCNP Voice CIPT2 exam. Today... Read More
Over the coming weeks I will be running a new series here on Troubleshooting Voice. I often have students in class that report to me that one of the most difficult parts of their CCIE Voice exam experience was having to deal with the inner workings of some of the protocols and how to read and decipher them accurately. I have also begun to see this more and more across the various mailing lists and forums, and so I decided it was time to start an entire series on these not-to-be-feared topics.... Read More

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