Keith Bogart provides this Introduction to IPv4, TCP, and UDP course, ideal for Network Engineers at any stage of their career. Read More
Here is a small task that illustrates how combining a few technologies may result in interesting solution. Task: Configure R1 to send all logging messages to the remote server at the IP address "". Ensure secure (non-cleartext) and reliable (acknowledged) information delivery. DO NOT USE: 1) TCP as the transport protocol. 2) IPsec for encryption. 3) Any tunneling technology. Recent update: do not use BEEP. This seems to be ruled out by "don't use TCP", but worths being mentioned... Read More
First off we need to understand that traceroute is a technique to have the routers between the source and destination reveal themselves and finally have the destination reveal itself. Traceroute can be implemented using ICMP, UDP, and even TCP so as a CCIE when someone asks you to filter "traceroute" you should get a little background as to the traceroute application/OS's being used to trigger the reply from the destination. Example: Windows uses ICMP echoes by default, most Linux OS's use UDP... Read More

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