Hi Everyone, We’ve just posted more updates to our renowned IEWB-RS VOL1 – Technology focused labs. The MPLS section is now complete (well maybe just a couple more tasks coming) resulting in 16 new scenarios. In addition to that, the Security section of VOL1 has been updated as well, featuring another 10 labs. That makes a total of 26 more new scenarios with breakdowns, solutions, and verifications! Here is the list of the new topics added: MPLS VPN: VRF Lite MPLS LDP MPLS Label Filtering... Read More
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Hi Everyone, we've just posted the remaining labs in the BGP sections and the content should be available to all subscribed accounts. There are now 61 feature-focused labs in total, listed below. From now on, we will focus on the new blueprint topics for CCIE R&S track, as outlined in New CCIE R&S Reload. The updates for VOL1 and VOL2 will go in parallel. Anyone preparing to the new lab according to the new blueprint could safely use the current labs for their practice and practice the new... Read More
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Hi everyone, the new section has been posted and should appear under every account subscribed to IEWB-RS VOL1 v5.0. This is an initial update, containing the following 35 technology-focused labs: Establishing iBGP Peerings Establishing EBGP Peerings BGP Update Source Modification Multihop EBGP Peerings Neighbor Disable-Connected-Check Authenticating BGP Peerings iBGP Route Reflection Large Scale iBGP Route Reflection with Clusters iBGP Confederation BGP Next-Hop Processing - Next-Hop-Self BGP... Read More

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