An Overview of Wi-Fi Components & Architectures, led by INE expert instructor Keith Bogart is designed to teach students the critical ins and outs of Wi-Fi Networking. Read More
Wireless LANs are nearly everywhere. However, without some form of Wi-Fi security, anything you send across that WLAN is visible for all to see. INE expert instructor Keith Bogart provides a strong foundation for anyone looking to understand and better navigate quality Wi-Fi security. Read More
If you are venturing into the world of Wi-Fi for the first time, this course will expose you to some of the fundamental concepts surrounding this technology. Read More
In the first part of this series, we examined WEP as presented in our CCNA Wireless Course. To read that first part, click here. The WiFi Alliance introduced Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) in 2003 as a replacement technology for WEP. WPA is based on the 802.11i draft version 3. This improved technology relies upon Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) to automate the changing of keys. Remember that a huge issue for WEP was the single, static key in use. Interestingly, WPA uses the RC4 encryption... Read More

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