Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know of our product development progress – new IEWB-RS VOL1 labs (technology-focused scenarios) have been posted to all subscribed member’s accounts. The list of the new topics is as follows:


Frame-Relay Switching

System Management:

EEM Scripting: Interface Event
EEM Scripting: Syslog Events
EEM Scripting: CLI Events
EEM Scripting: Periodic Scheduling
EEM Scripting: Advanced Features

Briding & Switching:

PPP AAA Authentication


EIGRPv6 Summarization
EIGRPv6 Prefix Filtering
EIGRPv6 Metric Manipulation
EIGRPv6 Default Routing
IPv6 PIM and MLD
IPv6 Embedded RP

Like I mentioned before, ten IEWB-RS VOL2 scenarios have been updated as well, to reflect the changes in the Configuration section of the new CCIE R&S exam. You will now have to work through more IP Services tasks and bulky IGP/BGP scenarios. We’re constantly working on optimizing our products based on the feedback our students give us. Next on our TODO list – more Dynamips labs and the final set of VOL4 scenarios. As for the people waiting for the SP Core Knowledge Simulator – it’s coming live next week, we haven’t forgotten it!

Happy studying and thanks for choosing INE!


We are excited to announce that Voice Volume I has been completed, and covers all sections for the CCIE Voice 3.0 Blueprint. The Volume I workbook is designed to teach you each technology in a step-by-step approach to ensure solid understanding of the configuration and verification.

In addition, Voice Volume II now contains 8 out of 10 complete Full Scale Labs with labs 9 and 10 soon to be released. Test your knowledge and configuration skills on the new topics covered under the 3.0 Lab Blueprint, including Globalized & Localized Call Routing, Single Number Reach, Mobility, Presence, SIP, and more. Each 7.5 hour lab simulates the real CCIE Voice Lab, and provides you with detailed step-by-step solutions.

Are you close to your CCIE lab date, and want to check your progress? INE's brand new CCIE Voice Proctored Mock Labs are the best option. This new product is designed to offer a structured, challenging and accurate test of your abilities before your lab. Each lab will be proctored and graded by a Voice CCIE instructor, who will then deliver an individualized, and detailed breakdown on your score report, including a discussion of lab strategy, in depth review of strengths and weaknesses, and a study plan to ensure your success on the lab. The CCIE Voice Proctored Mocks Labs are the only product on the market today to offer one-on-one mentoring with a CCIE Voice instructor, and time slots are filling-up fast, so be sure to schedule your Proctored Mock Lab now. Click on the following link for more info and to schedule your lab: CCIE Voice Mock Labs

New CCIE Voice Class Dates!

We have added many new class dates to our schedule including 5 & 10 day bootcamps, Mock Lab workshops, and new locations including London, England. Check out the new schedule here Voice Schedule and reserve your class date now.

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Hi Everyone,

We’ve just posted more updates to our renowned IEWB-RS VOL1 – Technology focused labs. The MPLS section is now complete (well maybe just a couple more tasks coming) resulting in 16 new scenarios. In addition to that, the Security section of VOL1 has been updated as well, featuring another 10 labs. That makes a total of 26 more new scenarios with breakdowns, solutions, and verifications! Here is the list of the new topics added:


VRF Lite
MPLS Label Filtering
MP-BGP Prefix Filtering
PE-CE Routing with RIP
PE-CE Routing with OSPF
OSPF Sham-Link
PE-CE Routing with EIGRP
EIGRP SOO and Cost Community
PE-CE Routing with BGP
BGP AS Override
Internet Access
MPLS VPN Performance Tuning


Control Plane Protection
IOS ACL Selective IP Option Drop
BGP Generic TTL Security Mechanism
Flexible Packet Matching
Zone Based Firewall
ZFW Rate Limiting
ZFW Application Inspection
Classic IOS Transparent Firewall
ZFW-Based IOS Transparent Firewall

I know the question on your minds :). What’s next on track? More IEWB-RS VOL2 (Configuration Full Scale Labs) and IEWB-RS VOL4 (Troubleshooting) updates of course! And don’t ask me about EIGRPv6 – it’s only 3 commands to enter in the configuration ;) Alright, it will be added to the IPv6 section too, as well as the IPv6 Multicast basics! However, please remember that MPLS VPNs and the security features is the core of the new technologies added to the updated blueprint!

Thanks for choosing INE and happy studying!


Hello Everyone!

For those of you preparing for the updated CCIE R&S exam - half of our Full-Scale Labs workbook (10 labs) have been fully updated to match the requirements of the new, CCIE R&S v4.0 blueprint. The full-scale scenarios have been significantly changed and a lot of new tasks added. You will find such exciting topics as MPLS VPN, Zone Based Firewall, EEM, and many others. Like mentioned in previous posts, the new labs do not include the basic configuration requirements, but rather ask you to deal with advanced scenarios, having a lot of things already pre-configured. The remaining ten full-scale labs we expect to complete in October. Of course, every existing owner of VOL2 gets these updates absolutely FREE!

Now for those of you who want more advanced technology mini-scenarios: we posted the initial version of the new MPLS VPN section for our IEWB-RS VOL1 workbook. It includes the initial 7 minilabs out of the following list of the labs for the new section:

  • VRF Lite
  • MPLS Label Filtering
  • MP-BGP VPNv4
  • MP-BGP Prefix Filtering
  • PE-CE Routing with RIP
  • PE-CE Routing with OSPF
  • OSPF Sham-Link
  • PE-CE Routing with EIGRP
  • EIGRP SOO and Cost Community
  • PE-CE Routing with BGP
  • BGP AS Override
  • Internet Access
  • Central Services VPN
  • Extranets
  • MPLS VPN Performance Tuning

This particular section should be completed next week, followed by part of our Security mini-scenarios to cover the new security-relevant topics of the updated CCIE R&S blueprint. And not only this, more updates to VOL4 are coming next week as well!

Thanks for choosing INE, and happy studying!


Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce the release of the remaining CCIE Security Workbook full-scale scenarios (IEWB-SC VOL2) supporting the latest CCIE Security Lab Blueprint. The remaining Labs 8 through 10 have been posted to all subscribed accounts. The workbook is now complete, and the printed version will soon be available for shipping. Our updated full-scale labs are packed with advanced scenarios, covering all new topics in the new exam, such as GET VPN, VRF-aware IPSec, LDAP Authentication, NAC, virtual sensors, anomaly detection, IOS IPS and transparent firewall, Zone Based Firewall and many more. Those of you, who dont yet have this product, may want to check the FREE sample lab scenario and part of the solution to this lab.CCIE Security VOL2 workbook is perfect hands-on solution to get you fully prepared for the actual CCIE Security lab exam.

The full-scale labs scenarios complement our Advanced Technology Labs found in CCIE Security Workbook Volume I. This workbook contains hundreds of technology-focused scenarios, with in-depth explanations. Notice that even though Volume I labs already cover all relevant CCIE Security technologies, a work is in progress to enhance the existing scenarios, adding more breakdowns content. You will see more updates (FREE for existing customers!) coming this and next months.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, you may want to check our Core Knowledge Simulator, which is now being enhanced with more questions. You may expect to see a large amount of totally new questions added to this product next two weeks. Of course, absolute free if you already purchased the product!

Thanks for choosing INE and happy studying!

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