We're checking in with Michael Hilton, a 16 year old student from Texas who is currently on track to becoming the youngest CCIE ever.

You can learn more about Michael's goals and progress here, here, and here.

Hey, everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! Here's an update on what I've been working on.

I recently finished going through the INE Routing and Switching ATC workbook. To make sure I'm fully prepared for the exam, I've been going through the workbook a few more times. I want to be completely ready for my lab attempt.

Lately, I've been learning some newer topics covered in the blueprint. Specifically, I've been working on mastering SD-WAN through some videos and labs on Cisco DEVNET.

I've also recently started to re-learn Python and the associated programmability topics (such as APIs and whatnot) for the lab exam through the Full Stack Engineer's Guide to Network Programmability with Python course on INE.

Working through the COVID-19 pandemic has really changed how I've been studying. In fact, I've been able to study a lot more. When the pandemic first started, my high school, like all schools throughout the country, moved to a distance learning strategy. That gave me more time to focus on my Cisco studies since I had less homework and classwork as a result of remote learning.

When I first decided to study for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam, I noticed that INE did not have a lot of coverage on programmability, SDA, or SD-WAN.

That is not the case anymore.

There is a lot more content covering these topics which have helped me feel more confident about mastering the exam topics.

I hope everyone else studying for their CCIE exams is feeling great about their progress. Let's keep going!


Come on! You can keep up with this kid! 

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