Establish key skills and gain a deeper understanding of programming with three new courses from INE instructors David Mertz and Adriana Patterson. These courses provide an in-depth look at Python and include hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding of concepts. 

Data Serialization with Python - This course will explain different file formats and the modules to process each one of them: JSON, XML, CSV. It will also address binary serialization formats used for numeric computation such as NPZ, Parquet, HDF5, and demonstrate the use of language-neutral formats like JSON and XML to communicate between Python and other systems.

Genomic Data Analysis using Python and JupyterLab - This course will introduce students to beginner to intermediate level biological data analysis. We will cover the basics of sequence data types, how to interpret the files and associated metadata, and analyze the data using python. This course builds on the data science and python concepts taught in the data science pass.

Regular Expressions with Python - This course will explain the relevance of regexes in programming, cover their history and background, explain the fundamentals of regexes in Python, including Match objects, searching, groups, etc. and explain variations like compilation flags and performance considerations.

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