Microsoft Azure and INE expert instructor Tracy Wallace presents The Fundamentals of Azure.

Are you staying awake at night worried that you don't know what "this cloud thing" is? Do you feel left out at work because everyone else is talking about all the applications they're running in Azure? Do you feel like a flip phone in a smart phone world? (Looking at you, Fred).

Do you have an hour or so to spare?

Of course you do.

If you need a foundational understanding of what the cloud is in general, and how Azure works in particular, watch INE's Azure expert Tracy Wallace in this webinar on the Fundamentals of Azure.

Tracy takes you through what the cloud is and why it matters, what options you have for running your workloads in Azure, and how to manage your Azure-based assets. You'll also learn how to get started and even acquire some exercises to help break the ice and get to know Azure.




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