Quality training can empower your team to take their goals to the next level. Providing the resources your employees need to improve upon their work and careers produces a ripple effect that leads to progress for everyone.

As we explore the variety of ways team training enhances your organization, consider your goals and values. The right training program can (and should) embed these core beliefs and objectives into the daily machinations of your company’s routines. It’s an indelible part of your foundation.

Financial Benefits
Companies that invest $1,500 on training per employee will see, on average, 24% more profit than businesses who spend less. A properly trained team works efficiently, making the most of their time. The ability to stay on, or ahead of, schedule also affects your ability to within, and sometimes even under, budget. Trained employees spend less time troubleshooting and more time working productively, developing solutions that drive revenue.

Reduce Turnover
The costs of recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding can be steep. Nearly 50% of an employee’s salary can be spent during the turnover process, with some jobs costing nearly double the salary to fill. By increasing employee retention, organizations stand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, making the amount spent on training programs a drop in the bucket.

Employee Recruitment
By promoting current employees to new, technical roles (which they can now manage thanks to expert training), you save money in recruitment costs, loss of productivity, and salary. You also gain highly-skilled employees with experience specific to your needs.

If it is time to add new members to the team, internal training can make the hiring process much easier. An excellent training program is a benefit that many outstanding candidates are looking for. Employees who are highly driven and career focused will be enticed by training offers, recognizing the long term opportunities to advance within the company.

Individual Benefits
Confidence is a great conductor of productivity and quality. Employees who believe in their own abilities are more enthusiastic, effective, and reliable. Internal training provides clarity and encouragement, which increases individual motivation and team optimism. By empowering your employees to do their best work, you foster a genuine community that people want to be a part of.

Team Benefits
The training process also offers a bridge between multiple departments, bringing people together to work and grow as a unit. Having a diverse group of employees at the table benefits everyone by expanding the learning experience. As a result, the training process becomes more than just a time to learn a new skill. It’s an opportunity for co-workers to teach each other and gain more insight on how others contribute.

Company Communication
Internal training programs also help to establish a shared vocabulary, keeping your team on the same page and allowing for consistent communication. Additionally, everyone on board has acquired the specific skill set needed for your business objectives. As new technologies and methods enter the field, your team is already prepared to adopt them.

Brand & Culture Success
Organizations that offer training earn a reputation for being actively invested in their people. This makes a company desirable to work for and with. By choosing to embrace internal training, you make it clear that you care about your employees and also strive to work with the best. By developing a team that is confident, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and consistently improving, consumers will trust that the products they engage with are high-quality and crafted with care.

Investing in training opportunities for your employees is a commitment to the long term growth of your company. With our enterprise-wide training solutions, we at INE offer more than just the education you need; we offer proper support, flexibility, and additional tools that allow you to build your training program around your goals.

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